The information – and its as smooth flow as possible – is one of the undoubted catalysts of the positive social transitions. We launched project Infocracy because we realised that generally too much important information reaches too few people. Even in this state of technical development in the 21st century, the access of information is influenced too much by the location, the social status and the extremely unequal access to the material resources and the cultural goods. These and other factors are also slowing down the dynamics of the apparent positive social trends.

Several topics – selected by social purposes – are taken up by our project. We try to provide more publicity for meaningful, constructive erudite ideas. It is for free or it depends on how much the actual organisation can afford.

We owe a big high-five to Gyömülcstárhely – the coolest and greenest webhosting service provider we know in Hungary, to for the webpage editing, and also a big-big thanks to Anna, Bora, Julcsi and Katinka for the helping during the launch.

Basically, the project is meant for a Hungarian audience but we also trying to provide descriptions of all our sub-projects in English to inform people abroad of our activities.

– Máté Tuba – student of ELTE Human Ecology master course
– István Gubek – Human Ecologist
– Tamás Kapuvári
– Katalin Tóth – Human Ecologist
– Károly András Nagy – student of ELTE Human Ecology master course
– Botond Boros Attila – Hungarian for Foreigners in Budapest