A lot of scientific/non-governmental organisations, movements and initiatives reveals serious social and environmental issues and/or they also present clear and operable solutions. Using this knowledge it’s possible to change our social structure quickly and radically towards a reassuring vision. In our experiences there are more and more gatherings, conferences, talks about this subject but many times practically it occurs between four walls. And even if they get out, it’s only written material or video record with bad audio and video quality. So those who took part can not re-watch it and especially it can not reach people who couldn’t participate.

(Because of these reasons) we worked up a lecture reconstruction methodology so we can reproduce these happenings/presentations in the most realistic way for those who couldn’t be there. With this service we connect organisations – along social purposes – about recording their presentations . We want to pay a special attention on this activity (that’s why it is a separate category)

We hope that being in a possession of these good quality materials the organisations can reach their target audience better and spread their messages more effective.

A sikeres magfogás alapjai

ic040 Magtermesztés - uborka magok

Élelmiszer-önrendelkezésünk alapja, hogy képesek legyünk magunk előállítani vetőmagjainkat, vagyis ne legyünk kiszolgáltatva a nagy gyártóknak, akiktől évről évre újra kell vásárolni azokat. Jó hír, hogy ezt bárki megteheti – csupán megfelő tervezés, odafigyelés kérdése. Csíraképesség, fajtaazonosság – ezek a sikeres… Continue Reading