Opportunities in Growing Hemp in Hungary

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Industrial hemp as a means for social policy? How does that sound? Hemp producer Zsolt Pásztor’s lecture points out this plant could be a key component in the revival of the Hungarian countryside. Producable in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, having a great yield, bearing an astonishingly big and fast-growing market, demanding live labour, having tradition go far back in our country – some of the arguments which are made in this lecture.

The hemp seed is excellently applicable in small scale production thus a community can be organised around it. On a high refining level it is a very profitable investment. A social co-operative in Maklár has got a model project for it, so it has got a source of experience. Hemp can be made into medicine, cosmetic products, food, building material and all sorts of other wonderful things – it only depends on our imagination to what use it could be put to. Did you know for example, that a hectare large field of hemp could be used for making a 100 square meter large outer wall of a house? It has astounding potential, so check it out!