The localization program and the opportunities for local communities

ic061 Lokalizáció

This presentation by Péter Kajner points out a very gratifying thing. Day after day, we hear a lot about the harmful effects of globalization – the centralized global system, the intertwined global companies’ reign and aggressive economic expansion eliminating competition in the market. However, there is a very effective antidote for all of this: re-localization!

Have you thought about that the majority of human needs could be met at local levels? That local supplier systems can create valuable communities? That when we see the environmental and social damage and benefits caused by us, we pay more attention to our decisions? This would be the basis for a more sustainable world!

You wouldn’t believe how many positive examples there are in our country as well of local community and economic development initiatives, ranging from Élőfalu Hálózat (“Living Village Network”), through community-supported agriculture (CSA), to the producer/farmer programs, social farms, community fruit tree nursuries and beekeeping.

The lecture is available only in Hungarian language.