The magical world of bee-centered beekeeping

ic069 Méhészkedés

The miracle of nature, the honey bee.

If you are considering to maintain a self-contained family, community, it is inevitable that you have your own honey and a lot of pollinating friends in your garden. But how can we keep even just 2-3 bee colonies without needing those expensive investments, chemicals that are common in today’s apiaries?

In bee-centered apiaries, we try to provide the most natural conditions for the bees as possible. The result speaks for itself: gaining healthy bee colonies whose building instincts are much stronger than their usually kept counterparts. What kind of beehives can and should be used for all of this? How can we cope with the mites without the use of harmful chemicals? How can we achieve real harmony with the bees we keep? Which books are advisable to be read on the subject? You can learn all this from Tamás Nagy’s lecture. It’s worth checking out!