Take the cows back to the household! – The reintroduction of the Carpathian Borzderes to Hungary

ic068 Kárpáti borzderes

The Polyán Association started its carpathian borzderes placing programme with the above slogan. According to experts it’s an astoundingly good and stop-gap breed for families and communities struggling to be self-contained. It’s so sad that nowadays it’s on the brink of extinction – it was even reintroduced to Hungarian land almost a decade ago.
Its outstanding traits could endlessly be enumerated. For example, it’s perfect to be reared in the open-air all the year round, it has got fatty milk with high nutritional value, it is tame, it calves relatively easily, it’s accomodated well to this climate. It’s practically capable of anything that is needed in small-scale, ecological household farming. The placing and research programme is maintained and heroically developed by a few people, struggling with the frequently unrealistic regulatory environment. A member of the association, Gusztáv Vágvölgyi speaks about all of this and shows the breed live in the video following.