TTIP/CETA PCD training

ic014 TTIP, CETA előadás

A training session was organised by HAND Association for its members and other NGOs regarding trade and economic agreements and intellectual property issues under the Policy Coherence for Development Theme.

Why, you might ask, is this super important to us? Because the presentations on TTIP / CETA, which we finally had a chance to record, outlined the background, the current state of affairs, the most important issues, the expected impact on peripheral countries, and the ways in which we can act to proactively.

Now that the training is available online, it is our hope that more people will grab the opportunity to take part. Here is the programme schedule (lectures available at Hungarian language):

  • Round of introductions: What do you know about TTIP and Co?
  • Background: From MAI through WTO to TTIP and CETA.


  • Documentary: The Big Deal – TTIP

You can watch this ass-kicking German documentary on youtube (with Hungarian subtitles) :


  • TTIP and CETA: overview (problems in general, promises, expected impacts)


  • Expected economic, environmental and social impacts of ‘Trojan horse’ agreements (Capaldo, ISDS, regulatory cooperation)

  • Q & A
  • Coffee Break


  • Bilateral trade agreements between the EU and developing countries; the impact of trade agreements on developing countries; TTIP and intellectual property rights (Újszászi Györgyi, Christiana Mauro)

Unfortunately, Christiana’s presentation is not available.Györgyi’s can be viewed here:


  • The current state of free trade negotiations; the attitude of the government and political parties; European Parliament


  • How can we stop TTIP and Co? What can we do? Resources (materials, films, videos, exhibitions etc)


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