Altering democracies – from where to what?

ic009 Változó demokráciák


Taking a closer look on the effective solutions on global environmental issues, one can state that all of them share one trait: general relocalization, more precisely reorganizing/strengthening small communities. This phenomenon seems to be the most resilient basis on which society can build its walls and it’s happening all over the world (hand in hand with antagonistic phenomena), including Hungary.

The pledge of the effective working of these communities built on these new foundations, most essentially will be the will to implement political decisions for general good. Obviously that can be achieved and sustained by the strenghtening of local democractic control.

Social scientists have been making the case for challenging public’s indifferent attitude by completely new means that might be uncommon for our cultural traditions: direct, participatory democracy.

A newly organized group of activists studied the topic of participatory democracy and we attended their third lecture.

Dr. Antal Attila, lawyer of Energiaklub, political scientist, expert of public policy presented the structural malfunctions of representative democracy and the means of participatory democracy as alternatives.

Unfortunatelly both videos are available only in hungarian language.

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