We do translations as well trying to head the line with exemplary cases as well as to introduce valuable foreign ideas (or local ones published in a foreign language) into the local discussions.

If possible, whenever we have translated something, it will be published as a youtube video subtitle in collaboration with the original uploader.

Here we would be more than happy to receive voluntary translations.

The Story of Solutions (Hungarian Subtitles)

ic063 Megoldások

Our civilization and societies are, without question, “progressing tenaciously”. We are performing better and better… in a fundamentally bad game. Can you imagine what fatal results would it have on a societal scale if we exert astonishing energies for a… Continue Reading

CETA: Lessons from Canada (hun sub)

ic044 CETA 1.

Following the events of recent months, a flash of hope appeared that the TTIP is soon at its end. Here is upon us, however, the CETA, a free trade agreement between the US and Canada which is at a more… Continue Reading