“Here and no further!” – tackling climate change with civil disobedience – Hungarian version

ic038 Polgári engedetlenség

Unfortunately, here in Hungary we haven’t heard about the civil disobedience actions which took place across the globe between 3-15 May 2016protesting climate change. On 6 continents 30.000 people took part in 20 bigger rallies. A good source with essential information:https://breakfree2016.org/. You can find more information on social media tagged as #breakfree2016.
The purpose was the same: keep fossil fuels in the ground and build a just transition to a new kind of 100% renewable economy (in relation to this we recommend these contents: 12, 3, 4). Furthermore, the actions had the intention to show that average people could obstruct fossil-based projects: in the biggest demonstration – as seen in the latter video – protesters could delay one of Europe’s biggest producers for 48 hours.

The campaign is organised by the 350.org international climate movement which is lesser known in Hungary, it is recommended to look up their page, it’s really inspirational: http://350.org/