This Changes Everything – film trailer

ic010 Kapitalizmus vs klíma trailer

The trailer of a very important documentary came out at the end of August.

‘There is a limit on growth and development. We welcome those limits, which leads us to rethink the future.’

‘We in the global north, with less than 20% of the population are responsible for over 70% of global emissions. (…) On the other side of the world, those people who are the most affected by climate change, most affected by environmental injustice, have the least responsibility for creating this crisis in the first place.’

The Canadian-American co-production, which has on board people like Alfonso Cuarón, Seth MacFarlane, Danny Glover or co-producer Pamela Anderson, makes a stand for ‘radical’ statements like the above.

Special thanks to Naomi Klein for writing the book This Changes Everything. We translated the book trailer previously as well, which is available in 32 languages so far. (Subtitles can be set on youtube link.)

The film premiere took place in Toronto and Camden in September. We are excitedly looking forward the next steps, since the fact that the communication of these important thoughts towards society is done by a group of people who are capable of chanelling these important issues into common talk is of historical significance, in a global environment, where the consequencies of the ecological crises are dramatically showing.

Meanwhile, take a look at the alternatives proposed by this group, learn more and adopt other choices:

Most importantly: spread the word!
“We are all part of this movement.” :)

[the description was originally published on the facebook page of Eötvös Lóránd University’s Masters Faculty of Human Ecology]