Fifty shades of trade – interviews

USA and EUROPE / EU - Symbol for TTIP

There are several problems with the planned USA-EU (TTIP) and the Canada-EU (CETA) free trade agreements.

To sum it up, it looks like it would dissonantly benefit a small minority at the public interests expense. It is an outrageous case, and one could claim that it is the dirtiest business of the century. There is no such scientific paper that could prove the opposite. Maybe that is why the negotiations are not going down with a public pro-campaign, but a bit in the shadows.

It is not our goal to fully expose this case here, but one can read longer summeries about it in hungarian on the MTVSZ website (you can find english materials here).

The European Parliament organized an event in 2015 on the 3rd of July, where opponents from the USA made the conversation more colourful.

The interviews are in english, but probably int he future hungarian subtitles will be available.

Melinda St.Luis (Public Citizen)

Sharon Treat (Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission)

Thea Lee (AFL–CIO)